Friday, May 21, 2004

Found a cool spot for my next vacation: Washington and Old Dominion Trail. "Countless bikers, hikers and horse riders now flock to W&OD where a cathedral of maples, black walnuts and dogwoods now shelter the trail so it cool (sic) on the hottest summer day." according to The Sierra Club. Those are some serious people. So I may hike the trail.

Dream cool spot: skiing somewhere. Australia? New Zealand? Alaska? That would be so lovely in the heat of summer. I have a weird feeling about my next vacation. I can't seem to settle on anything. Part of me is ready to give up and just jump in the river everyday. That's cool! I hope not. I hope I find something amazing to do to keep cool in August.
Last night while doin laundry, Kathleen and I made of list of everything we need, We needed another sleeping bag, tarp and batteries. So we went out and got them at Walmart. What did I do before Walmart? Cursed a lot I think.

I printed out directions to Ocracoke from Rand-McNally. In the past, I have used Mapquest, but then they led me astray on my way to Maine. It's no fun to miss a turn and have to lose 30 minutes getting back on track.

I found good information on activities in and around Ocracoke at a realty site, ocracokeislandrealty. Amazing. I suppose it's to their advantage to let you know about the great stuff so they sell more real estate.

This evening I partially packed the car: a box of stuff like another tarp, shoes, insect repellent; my waist pack with first stuff in it; sleeping bags; tarp; tent; beach bag; chairs. Tomorrow clothes and food and the dog. The dog cover is on the back seat. The doggie harness waits in place.

I'm stopping by Mom's on the way back to have lunch. I was going to borrow her sun umbrella but she only has a small clip on. I almost spent $30 on a gazebo tent last night. I hate to get something I'll only use once.

So, pretty much, except for balancing the checkbook, I'm ready. I'm getting out the camera now so I don't forget it.

Thursday, May 13, 2004

Why did I start this? I think about vacation a lot but writing about it is something else. I've just managed to resolve the financing problem, so, technically, I'm ready to go.

However, I still have to test the tent and collect the other camping items and figure out what to do about food. I'l lhave next week. That will be fine. In the meantime, I try not to daydream too much about the lovely beach or get too greedy over possible sea shells on the beach.

Friday, May 07, 2004

Oh, well, here's the exciting thing about a vacation. Paying for it! Fortunately I'll be leaving a week after the payday that doesnt' get sucked away immediately. I may even have some money left over from Kathleen's graduation. Part, but only part, of the reason I camp is financial. I really, really like camping.

I don't feel "ready" for vacation. I'm always ready for time away from work but not ready yet to go. I still have to determine if I want to get up at the crack of dawn to beat the ferry crowds or if I want to take my time and get up late and beat the crowds that way. I vote late. Of course Kathleen has a vote, too.