Sunday, January 23, 2011

Wealthy Spirit - Just what I NEED!

This lovely retreat is right up my aisle, along my path, in my way, and what I need. Especially, as I am always saying, at this time of year when I wake up to a house that's 62 degrees and relies on the fireplace and a rising sun to make it warmer. All day I strive to raise the temperature to a toasty 68 so I can avoid dipping deeper into cold overnight and thus, as the days of winter pass, avoid freezing my assets off. Let's both go – you and I – while the sun is anesthetized in the sky to visit the heat where it hides.

And, oh, yes, to deepen my spirituality. Which is where the "rich" comes in. (This has nothing to do with the reasonable fee or the fact that I am only a 12-hour flight from Bali.)