Thursday, August 04, 2011

Where shall I go? Follow the river ...

Not sure where I would go if I were allowed a vacation right this minute to anyplace I wanted to go. Probably I would stay here. With someone I love. And we would laze about and pick at the things that need doing here. And we would do them with whimsy and lack-a-daisicalness. Splotching and poking and gathering and winnowing and toodling and doodling. Nothing would be serious except our love. And we would be happy making this our home for those springs and autumns that are heaven in Richmond VA.

If I have to choose, and I know I must or I wouldn't be writing this, I would choose Maine or Northern Idaho or possibly Seattle or maybe even Bandon by the sea in Oregon. All lovely cool places. No. Wait! I have it! Germany! Back to my home town of Höchst in Hessen. To visit relatives and relations. To relish the cool misty days and warm connections. Yes. That's it.

The house will have to wait.