Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Costa Rica!

Cheap deals drive me to the beach. Or fly me, anyway. One of the first, real vacations I bought came from a radio announcement of a special package deal to the Bahamas. I thought about it for five minutes and then picked up the phone. It was a great vacation, once they got our hotel and room sorted out. Returning was not so cool. It was a charter cruise and they herded us like cattle.

Anyway, all those little details fade away when I remember all the fun I had on the Robinson Crusoe cruise, the markets, helpful natives, eating conch, and laying on the beach sucking back Bahama Mamas.

Here's another goodie! Costa Rica* at about the same price I paid for the Bahamas so many years ago. Of course, by the time you pay for everything (food, souvenirs, side trips, etc.) you've spent double the price. Who cares!

*You'll need to create a Travel Zoo account to see the full deal. Your mileage may vary as the price alters depending on your departure city.

Monday, February 04, 2013

It's Fasching!

Fasching in Mainz is the best. Wish I could be here Thursday. The day after my birthday. One of the biggest parties in the world. Must be in my honor.
Guardistin in the Parade in Mainz, DE.
You could take me. I don't drink, so I could make sure you get back to your hotel safely. If that's what you wanted ...