Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Away to Ireland

Intrigued by the choice of Aer Lingus as an airline I checked out their offerings. Sleeping in castles doesn't appeal to me. They are so large and drafty and you can't really touch anything. It's all the wrong atmosphere for relaxing. Instead, I've chosen the do-it-yourself Northern Route Package. My relatives are from around that part of the country, so it would have some meaning for me. Plus I've heard the Emerald Isle is, in fact, really green and I'd like to see that. And the pubs. Good place to be in the rain.

I can't go now. The next eight weeks the only place to be is Richmond VA. If you are ever here in the fall you will never leave. It's absolutely lovely. So, in November or maybe next summer (during high season, of course! best time for an air vacation – maybe in August) I will be free to take up Aer Lingus on their offer.