Sunday, April 29, 2012

Equatorial Hot Spots

From the "Snowflake Creator" app.
As usual at this time of year – the winter fully gone, spring in full swing, intimations of summer reminding me of extreme humidity – my thoughts turn to cool summer spots. Most of them are off the list due to distance, i.e., Norway, Denmark, most of Canada, the Arctic, Antarctica, Alaska, Mongolia, etc.

Places that seem to be within reach actually aren't, i.e., Michigan, upstate New York, and Maine. This year there is a new contender, although sadly in the out of reach category: Ecuador. Actually, anywhere along the equator would be ideal. Not too hot, never very cold. Unfortunately there are other reasons why the equator is out of the question.

Have you ever followed the equator around the world? Thanks to Google Earth it's easily done from the convenience of your armchair (or whatever device you use to park yourself in front an internet connected device). Most of the countries on that latitude have issues. They are the Congo, Ecuador, Uganda, Brazil, Somalia, Sumatra.

There are a few that are nice, i.e., the Maldives, Easter Island, the Galapagos.

Which still leaves the problem of what to do when it gets super hot here in Richmond VA (RVA).

Utah and New Mexico are nice, simply because they have very low humidity. Colorado has those great mountains. However, these areas, although more easily reached, are also too far to go – for me.

Sadly, I am unable to live on the road, which would be ideal. I could follow the temperate temperatures wherever they go. I've heard Michigan in the summer and Austin TX in the winter is a nice combination. Bit of a journey, though.

What would be my ideal? I believe I may have mentioned that spring and fall in RVA are ideal. That leaves summer and winter.

The only places I've been in the winter are Miami and the Bahamas. Have to say, the Bahamas win flat out.

Maine is excellent in the summer – particularly northern Maine. Another excellent refuge from the humidity.

Realistically, what could I do? Camp. Am I interested in camping? No. I like to think I am. I have a very romantic notion about that; remnants of childhood memories. I am, in reality, more interested in five star accommodations with swimming pools and hot tubs.

Until I win the lottery, I'd best prepare for living indoors for the six weeks from the middle of July until the end of August. Maybe I could camp out in a mall with free wifi.
Indoor camping – NOT in a mall.