Sunday, October 19, 2008

why I don't travel

Yvonne at Chiemsee in the 60sWhy do we travel? Except for today, when it would be no trouble at all to pick up and go somewhere, I don't travel because it's annoying. But some days, like today, I want to be elsewhere absorbed in something entirely different and I don't want to be working like doing volunteer work or anything. Just out somewhere like maybe the Tivoli or a festival somewhere like Burning Man or maybe Oktoberfest, you know, absorbed by the crush of life. That's where I'd like to be today. So, send me a ticket and let's go!

I wondered how that Times story (the link above) got made and realized they probably had a ton of travel photos and stories lying around and put them all together. I should try that sometime. Not that I have professional bits and pieces lying about but I suppose I could come up with a theme related to whatever stuff I've got around here. But not today. Today I am going to do something completely different – as soon as that ticket you got for me gets here.

Song of the Day: Josh Turner - Your Man - Would You Go With MeWould you go with me?