Tuesday, December 08, 2009

From the Middle of Richmond to the Middle of Nowhere

Out of here to another place entirely. While trying to see how long it would take me to drive to a buddhist sangha in Durham, NC, I  looked at the ocean and wondered just how far Google earth would take the whole drive yourself thing. I panned over the Atlantic, looking for Europe and got distracted by some tiny dots in the middle of the water. Turns out those dots are the Azores (named after a once plentiful bird).

On the island of Terceira (about the middle of the dots) is this lovely hotel, Hotel do Caracol. They have a New Year's Eve package going right now, which looks like fun. And they also offer "Wellness" options, such as a nice hot volcanic stone massage, "floating in emotion", and a special version of tai chi. I'm there. I'm totally there. Just send me your credit card.