Tuesday, February 08, 2005

Going to the opera is almost like being on a vacation. There's nothing better for frazzled nerves than an expressive, excellently presented opera. It's a way to sit back and let someone else pay attention to detail. I loved it. I didn't know much about Wagner or "Tristan and Isolde" before. Now I know something. I read a couple of books (one of them the libretto—hey! I know a new word!). I also checked out the music CDs from the library. The production I saw in Norfolk on February 4th is much better than the recording I checked out. That Peter Mark guy is one hell of a great creative director.

I liked the ending that Peter Mark came up with—Isolde lays across Tristan as she dies and the whole set is lit up like an underwater cave. It's pretty good. In the real story, Isolde's husband, King Marke, is supposed to bless the dead lovers. That's an interesting ending if the action is directed to highlight this tension in King Marke. Peter streamlined the action to focus on Isolde and Tristan. I suppose since the story is about them that's a pretty good way to go. I really liked the treatment even though it left a few things out. But, that's a director's prerogative.

The remainder of the weekend was also a lovely vacation from routine. I really enjoyed conversing with my sisters and nieces. Mom made us a totally great dinner Friday night.

My next vacation is February 21st. Haven't a clue what I'll be doing. Suggestions?

Friday, February 04, 2005

My next vacation started today. I'm going to the beach to see my mother and an opera. The best part of vacation is sleeping until I wake up. I know.