Sunday, March 05, 2006

Seeing Clearly

Ah, yes. There is this weird museum in Italy where you can sit on a toilet seat while watching a movie featuring toilet seats. Kinda reminds of that CD "Material World" that showed people and their stuff around the world. My favorite part was seeing all the toilets. I mean, it's a part of culture no one really considers (unless you caught the Olympic podcast at NBC 5 on February 16th where the presenters check out the toilets backstage). I can't view the CD anymore because it's so old it won't play on my new system. Also, there was a glitch in the CD so I missed a few parts.

I would love to check the museum in person only I don't remember the name of it and when I went to the "Today" website there is, can you believe it!!??!, no link to past shows. I mean, what do I search on? Olympics? Even though that's why Katie was there I'm sure a search like that will bring up a vomitous mass of links. Toilets? Maybe museum? Oh, well. I tried.

Where I might actually go on vacation is camping in North Carolina. There's this place high up in the mountains where it's cool and unhumid in the summer and it's much closer than Maine. Round about August I need a heat break. It's supposed to get down to 65 at night here. Lovely!