Sunday, August 29, 2004

My last vacation turned into a Buddhist monk production (that noise you hear when the site loads is made by monks singing). I saw the opening ceremony for the "Compassionate Buddha" mandala in Hampton Roads and then went back the next day to see how it was going. Then I visited again to see the closing ceremony and get my share of the sand. I recommend participating when they come to your town. Don't try to ask the monks questions though. They don't speak English. However, translators are available and they will answer your questions. You can also go to the sponsor site, Richard Gere Productions to find out more about this particular venture. To learn more about Buddhism, I recommend

The remainder of the time was spent getting a pedicure with Mom and laying out on the beach. The weather was very cooperative, the jellyfish stayed away and the water was at that rousing temperature that makes it hard to get wet but lovely to stay wet.

Wednesday, August 11, 2004

My next vacation will be this weekend and two days next week (Monday and Tuesday) - so four days. Saturday evening I'm attending a friend's Wardrobe Party at Chico's. Then Sunday through Tuesday I'm visiting my mother at the beach.

In September I'll be on vacation again -- going to Milwaukee.