Saturday, January 15, 2005

I'm taking two vacations this weekend.

Going Back to Work on Monday. I'm calling up my private plane and jetting out to Freeport, Bahamas. I'm leaving in about an hour. I'll be back Monday afternoon so I can chill out and unpack before getting ready for another work week. I'm taking a friend along.

Not Going Back to Work on Monday. I'm calling up my private jet and jetting out to Oberstdorf (oooh, check out the webcams!) for some good skiing (this is why I keep my passport current). While I'm there I'll be picking up my daughter from Switzerland for a couple of days. After that, some friends have told me they will be there during the week. I'm looking forward to great evening conversations over Gl├╝hwein and maybe a little night skiing with a torch in my hand (or posted along the run). I'll be back a week from tomorrow. Then back to work.

Work is not a bad thing. It makes the time go by and I feel like I'm accomplishing something, even it's just becoming more patient or getting a client to understand that they need to be real specific when they give instructions. I learn at work. I like work that teaches me things. However, it also has to pay me for those new skills. I can see how management would think that they incur an expense by teaching me. However, I am a very quick learner and they get a return on their investment in a very short time and generally get back two times more (at least) than if they had invested in an average person.

I've nothing against average people. They are what make me stand out so much. Also, there are plenty of way-above-average people who are a lot of trouble. It's just that the definition of average is what most people are. It's not my fault I'm so smart. I was made that way. Everyone has a talent they can take advantage of. Mine is intelligence. I haven't taken advantage of it because it seems so unfair to run rings around people.

What I need is a way to jump in and out of this life. I like the low profile, low key life but I need to sometimes jump out and do something wild and out there or up there or whatever it is that that my heart calls me to do. I need a particular type of rhythm—like dancing in and out of a rut ... or maybe that's walking and dancing ...

Friday, January 14, 2005

Woo hoo! Having a mini-vacation right here at work! Blogger is unblocked!

Having a terrible time getting my bathroom repaired. It's too small a job for anyone and apparently all the contractors are backed up.

Having no luck in the vacation department. That can only mean some unforseen event preventing me from making a decision. Well, I'll have plenty of time to schedule. The vacation book hasn't even come around yet.

Tally ho!